Versatility Awards Program

The LRCA versatility awards program is designed to recognize Lagotti that have distinguished themselves in the breed ring and in recognized performance events.

 These dogs possess the conformation, temperament, intelligence, scenting and working capabilities which represent the essential characteristics of the breed. There are three levels of LRCA versatility awards: Versatility Certificate (VC), Versatility Excellent (VX) award, and Versatility Champion (VCH) award. These versatility awards are based on a point system which is used to weight each title based on its difficulty.

The LRCA will award a certificate signed by the club President to any Lagotto Romagnolo owned by a LRCA member, or member of a LRCA member's immediate family, in good standing with the AKC who has fulfilled the requirements for one of these awards. A dog fulfilling these requirements will be listed in the permanent records of the LRCA as a Versatility Certificate (VC) dog, a Versatility Excellent (VX) dog or a Versatility Champion (VCH) dog, as appropriate. The versatility certificates will be awarded by the LRCA President at the next annual LRCA National Specialty Show. 

Requirements for the Versatility Certificates

1. Versatility Certificates, Versatility Excellent Certificates and Versatility Championship Certificates are awarded only when applied for and accompanied by supporting documentation.  

2. Versatility points are awarded for the achievements in each of the categories. 

3. The dog must earn 1 point in at least 5 of the categories to qualify for a Versatility award. To earn a VCH award at least 2 points must be earned in the Scent Skills category.

4. A total of 30 points for a Versatility Certificate (VC). The Versatility Excellent Certificate (VCX) requires a total of 40 points. The Versatility Champion Certificate (VCH) requires a total of 50 points. 

5. Completed applications should be submitted to the LRCA Awards Chair along with all title documentation for verification.  

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